Our mission

Fayda farm is a non profit organisation whose sole motive is to help farmers across India so that they live a more comfortable and happier life.


We give them what they deserve.


At Fayda Farm we always try to provide the maximum  price we can give for the farmer's yield as this is non profit organisation and only for the welfare of farmers.

About Us

"With the recent outbreak of droughts across India ,especially in Maharastra , has resulted in increased number farmer suicides across the nation. Farmers are the most important part of our economy and it is the need of the hour to deal with this matter. We are committed upon saving our nation's most important industry and are set out towards helping these farmers across the nation." 


 Praket Sharma



"We are not owners of this welfare organisation but mere facilitators between the farmers and households."


Dinesh Sharma


Executive chairman and CFO

"Cooking is my passion and the tasty fresh vegetables grown by farmers across have  aided my cooking and brought me lots of praise.Now its my time to payback with the help of Fayda Farm."


Poonam Sharma

Co Founder

Chief Strategist & Marketing Head



Want to join our initiative?


Fayda Farm welcomes those interested in making donations for this great  cause and request them to make donations on the following:-